4th Campus Talk Photos and Lecture Videos

Spring of 2019, Campus Talk is a big movement started by college students to advocate to find a solution to save ourselves and build the best families for our next generation. The Media below is that of multiple speakers from around the country fighting for the same cause to stop the sexual revolution from destroying our future families.

Session Videos


Some unfortunately had to leave before the picture. The total count for this event is 142 participants.


Speakers and the CARP Las Vegas staff came together the night before to converse. They had a good time and bonded with each other and started on the right foot for the next day.

General Session 1: Why Family? Why So Urgent?

Lynn Walsh, Director of Universal Peace Federation Office of the Family, opened the conference by introducing the topic “Building Intact Families in a Sexualized Culture.” The first main speaker, Dr. Tim Rarick from Brigham Young University-Idaho talked about how fatherlessness could affect society, and he gave his personal experience on how he wanted to become a good father for his children.

Dr. Sandra Lowen, spoke from a point of view of a clinical psychologist and spoke of how the portrayal of intimacy is diluted.

CARP UNLV Chapter adviser, Dr. Jason Wasden, and CSN Directer of Community Relations Mr. Guy Amato greeted and welcomed everyone to 4th Campus Talk.

After the session, participants were able to ask questions via Sli.do.

Lunch Session was hosted by Power2Parent presenting their fight to oppose Nevada Bill AB 295.

General Session 2: Vision for Action

CARP students, Kailey Teo and Marcus Fuller, shared how young adults could contribute to the challenges of marriage and family and shared CARP’s philosophy.

Lisa Thompson, Vice President of National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) logically explained the relations between sex trafficking, prostitution and pornography.

Melissa Holland expressed her determination to combat illegal and legal trafficking in Nevada.

The speakers celebrated and alongside the audience made determinations to make a movement, the next big break in society to build intact families.


Raffle for prizes from three sponsors: Chewy Boba, Sol Tapatio, and David Saxe Productions


The dinner reception for the speakers and the appreciation dinner for all the volunteers.

Leaders and students shared their reflections from a long but meaning day of learning, networking and bonding.


Great Conclusion for a great day! Thank you everyone for supporting, attending, and your for your prayers. Hope to see you next time!