A Vanguard for Lasting Peace

CARP was founded in 1966 by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Its purpose was to galvanize college students and youth to stand up for God-centered values and to be proactive agents in creating a peaceful and harmonious future.

True to the founding spirit of the organization, CARP chapters across America and around the world today actively seek to become global leaders committed to making a positive impact on society. They strive to find and to live out the solutions to the contemporary challenges of society.


CARP members are the vanguard in the march towards the new world that everyone desires to reach. They are the inheritors of our internal and external tradition. The CARP movement is not aiming at temporary solutions to the realities of this time, but at remaking everything from the beginning.

—Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon
CARP Convention 1984