Spring 2019



One of our CARP Core Values is “A life of purity prepares our heart for a faithful and fulfilling marriage.” We believe it is critical that college students understand how their sexual integrity will directly influence the health and strength of their marriage, families, and ultimately our society.

To this end, we host at least one “Campus Talk” every year, an event designed to bring students, faculty, and community leaders together to engage the challenges faced in marriage and families today.

Our goal for Campus Talk is to EDUCATE students, faculty, and community leaders about the benefits of traditional values and perspectives on marriage and family in an academic format, and FACILITATE collaboration among like-minded individuals and organizations so they can better promote these values and moral education which has purity and sexual integrity at its core.

Our hope is that through such efforts, we can work together with a sense of urgency to promote traditional, God-centered views and values of marriage and family, with the ultimate hope of making Las Vegas a more peaceful city.

If you would like to participate in this groundbreaking initiative, we invite you to attend our 4th Campus Talk on April 13 at UNLV—and to bring your friends or colleagues!