Fall 2018

3rd Campus Talk


Our 3rd Campus Talk, “Sexual Integrity and the Breakdown of the Family,” was held in two parts: on Nov. 1 at CSN and on Nov. 7 at UNLV.

In light of the fact that the media today often portrays messages about love, relationships, and sex that rarely yield the happiness many people are looking for, CARP decided to take a stand by considering an alternative view on these points. Our hope was to equip the Campus Talk participants to make their own decisions and to create a life they love.

At CSN, we invited Dr. Loren Marks, a professor of the Department of Family Life from Brigham Young University, and Mrs. Cheryl Wetzstein, a reporter from The Washington Times to speak on this complex topic. Both speakers described the distressing reality of today’s culture, while also making it clear that we each hold the power to make our own decisions and determine the quality of our own future life, marriage, family, and society.

At UNLV, we continued to promote an alternative message of love and sexual integrity. This time, we invited Dr. William Struthers, renowned professor of psychology at Wheaton College, and Mrs. Marcia Barlow, director of international programs for United Families International. Dr. Struthers presented the idea of how today’s culture is “pornified” and how that affects each individual and the society as a whole. Mrs. Barlow, who works closely with the United Nations in the areas of marriage and family, presented statistics showing the overwhelmingly negative effects of cohabitation on marriages and families.