Spring 2018

2nd Campus Talk


Our 2nd Campus Talk was organized around the theme, “Sex and Morality: Confronting the Culture of Casual Sex.” The program was held in two parts: at CSN on April 10 and at UNLV on April 18.

We chose to focus on this theme because so many of the scandals and social ills that we face today seem to be rooted in the practice of casual sex, whether we look at the extensive revelation of scandals that prompted the #MeToo Movement or the prevalence of teenage pregnancy and of STIs today. We wanted to highlight the consequences of our choices regarding sexuality as well as identify principles that will actually lead to fulfilling and lasting relationships.

As students, we may feel free to explore our sexuality and make our own decisions regarding relationships and love. But without being properly informed, we risk making decisions -- or even being forced into situations -- that will only cause pain and heartbreak. In order to make the best choices about sexuality and our relationships, it is essential that we first cultivate a mature character grounded